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Meet the Team

In us, you will find a passionate, innovative, and specialized team willing to listen to your needs and turn those into a sound and all-in-one real estate investment strategy.


Omar Musi: Finanz Butik CRO

Omar Musi


Jorge A. Bauer: Finanz Butik CEO

Jorge A. Bauer


Simen Ruge: Finanz Butik CIO

Simen Ruge


Alejandro Wiechers: Lua Host Managing Director

Alejandro Wiechers

Lua Host Managing Director

Jose Luis Musi: Finanz Butik CFO

José Luis Musi


Melissa Wagman: Finanz Butik CMO

Melissa Wagman



Paulina Nieblas: Finanz Butik Managing Director

Paulina Nieblas

Managing Director Mexico

Dariana Aparicio: Marketing Manager

Dariana Aparicio

Marketing Manager

Fabiola Juarez: Finanz Butik Operations

Fabiola Juárez

Operations Deputy Director

Pablo Urbano: Finanz Butik IT

Pablo Urbano


Marci Adett: Finanaz Butik Investor Relations Manager

Marci Adett

Investor Relations Manager

Hugo Gonzalez: Finanz Butik Operations Associate

Hugo González

Operations Associate

Andres Ovalle: Real Estate Managing Director

Real Estate Managing Director

Andrés Ovalle

Nadia Segura: Finanz Butik Office Manager Mexico

Nadia Segura

Office Manager Mexico

Andrew Keegan: Finanz Butik Finance Associate

Andrew Keegan

Finance Associate

Rita Caetano: Finanz Butik Lua Host Associate

Rita Caetano

Lua Host Associate

Karina Barroso: Finanz Butik Account Manager Mexico

Karina Barroso

Accounting Manager Mexico

Andrea Gonzalez: Finanz Butik Accounting Associate Mexico

Andrea González

Accounting Associate Mexico

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