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Finanz Butik Capital Management

Access highly curated institutional-quality Real Estate Investments with Finanz Butik.

We partner with large institutional real estate investment managers to give our clients the best opportunity to succeed in growing their wealth.

Inbest Fund

We originate​ and filter a curated set of opportunities, all in one place.

Choose your Real Estate Investment Strategy with our Fund that will be the besfit for your Real Estate investment needs.

Real Estate Miami

Real Estate Lending

With shorter investment periods and interest payments, Real Estate Lending opportunities can be a good fit for investors looking for safer and shorter term investments.

Real Estate Miami

Real Estate Acquisition

Real Estate Acquisitions deliver a great balance of current income to distributions with the opportunity for additional long-term capital gains.

Real Estate Miami

Real Estate Development

Opportunistic development of Real Estate Assets in growing markets with emphasis on a longer investment period and higher expected absolute returns.


Total Value in Deals1

1 Approximated portfolio value of all participating deals in which Finanz Butik has had a position.


Raised for Alternative Investments2

2 Total funds raised for alternative investments, including real estate, private equity and hedge funds, since 2015. 

7% to 18%

Historical Performance3

3 Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, which may vary. Finanz Butik does not recommend the use of historical data as a sole means of investment research.

Our Process


Our mission is to partner with the best-in-class Real Estate Investment managers in each sector of the market.

Due Diligence

We seek out partners with institutional infrastructure and capabilities to minimize risk and optimize the return for our investors.


With our platform, investors can track all their investments in one place, access new opportunities and stay on top of reporting.

All figures in Finanz Butik Fund section relate to inBest FD, LP.

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