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Finanz Butik Services

Experience the One-Stop Shop Investment Solution with Finanz Butik

Successfully investing in Real Estate requires attention to details and countless  moving pieces, all of which need a holistic solution before even considering a real estate investment. With Finanz Butik Service Solutions you will find experts to address all your needs.

Inbest Services

A complete range of tailored advice and ad-on services for your Investment.

Tailored-Made solutions for every Real Estate Investment need

Family Office:

200 Clients*

Mortgage-Housing Loans:


U$35M Performing Loans*

Business Plans &

Company Incorporation:


200+ Clients*

Insurance & Lifestyle:

50+ Clients*

Bookkeeping & Taxes:


100+ Clients*


Property Management:


U$50M: Assets Under Management

* We act as your Real Estate & Business partner. Services could be provided by Finanz Butik or third parties. For more details please refer to our Engagement Letter.

LuaHost by Finanz Butik

A unique Property Management Strategy
for your unique needs

Lua Host

Lua Host, by Finanz Butik, is a unique Property Management company that provides Short-Term and Traditional Property Management Services. We include a broad range of services like utility management, maintenance, and long-term lease in hot-spot cities over the US.

With Lua Host Property Management, you can grow your Real Estate portfolio, and we will take care of your needs, making the most of Passive Income Returns, whether as a Short Term Rent Property or your second home in the US.


Short term_4x.png

Occupancy Rate matters as much as the quality of your guests.

When you have a short-term rental property, you need to maximize your occupancy, increase your investment return and manage every detail of your property to attract the best guests. We specialize in the industry´s top-tier standards for Short-Term Rentals, focusing on Occupancy Strategy.

Our Differential


With Lua Host by Finanz Butik you will find a white-glove service with dedicated local teams on Hot Spot locations, ready to take care of your property and your guests.


We use state of art data-driven technology to customize your rates to meet the demand, considering factors like local events and season.


Our marketing tools will make your property shine on the best listing tools, attracting the best guest and improving the occupancy.


Add value to your Real Estate portfolio with a bespoke
Property Management

When you have a property abroad, a white-glove Property Management service will add knowledge and value to your investment, bringing the peace of mind you deserve. Lua Host's dedicated team will take care of the details for you, like utility bills, HOA, tenant selection, and maintenance.

Our Differential


Unique Property Management  service powered by Investment Property knowledge & experience.


Integrated Solution

using strategic partnerships to ensure the impact and quality of listings for long term rent.


Best Industry practices with a local team and most qualitative and quantitative results for the owner.

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