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Single-Family Homes Investment in Florida with Finanz Butik Home Builder

Seizing Opportunities in a High-Demand Market

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The demand for affordable housing is reaching historical high levels in the US, especially in the state of Florida that has been facing an unstoppable income of new residents for the past decade, increased even more after pandemic. With this condition of high demand in one hand and scarcity on the other, Single-family homes is an opportunistic Real Estate Investment, but without the right structure can be hard to navigate.


To succeed and maximize profits, is important to avoid hurtful pitfalls like:


  • Purchasing land without thoroughly researching its suitability, zoning regulations, and potential hidden costs;

  • Work with developers lacking the necessary expertise or a solid reputation, that can lead to project delays and quality issues;

  • Underestimate the time required for construction, as rushing the process compromising quality and leading to cost overruns;

  • Select a house typology without market research, as it may result in houses that do not appeal to potential buyers; Invest in locations without considering market conditions or in areas without access to essential services and infrastructure;

  • Start this type of investment without the right legal and tax structure as a foreigner investor causing potential penalties and extra fees.

  • Ignore management time and costs, impacting the overall returns.

Finanz Butik worked diligently for the past 10 months to craft a tailor-made solution allowing our investors to access this kind of opportunity without the hassles mentioned above. We have meticulously chosen a partner that understands land costs and availability, ensuring the specific land fits within your development plan, with a proven track record in single-family house construction, presenting a realistic construction timeline that factors in all phases of the project, from planning and permitting to completion and expertise on house typology, aligning product with target market and local demand, considering factors like size, layout, and features. And finally, we added our One-Stop-Shop Solution, delivering a complete Managing Package, including Construction Reports, LLC Incorporation, First year of Bookkeeping and Taxes and Developer Relations. This is the Finanz Butik Home Builder Opportunity!


With an estimate construction timeline between 10 and 12 months, Finanz Butik Home Builder has a shorter term in comparison with Pre-Construction Multifamily buildings, with expected return (IRR) between 14% and 17%*, if the investor opts by a faster exit strategy, selling the house right after completion, or a faster fixed income generation estimate between 5% to 6% and unrealized appreciation gains between 10% to 13% annually **, if the investor opts for a long-term rent option. On both scenarios our investors can also count with our Broker Services and Property Management Services, keeping their peace of mind.


Do you want to learn more about this Finanz Butik Home Builder opportunities in Florida?

Schedule your meeting now with our Investor Relations Team.



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